JUNE 2013

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein certificate for environmentally responsible filming practices
Recipient: WB Germany, “Buddy”
Criteria: Environmentally responsible filming practices

Alliance for Women in Media Gracie Award
Recipient: “Pretty Little Liars”, Outstanding Performance by a Female Rising Star Lucy Hale
Criteria: Celebrating programming created for women, by women and about women and strives for a realistic portrayal of women in entertainment

APRIL 2013

Diversity Inc Top 50 Company for Diversity (#33)2013DiversityIncTop50Logo125
Recipient: Time Warner
Criteria: Companies participate in a free survey which assesses diversity management based on four key areas:

• CEO commitment to diversity management
• Workforce diversity and human capital
• Corporate and organizational communications
• Supplier diversity

MARCH 2013

Cause Marketing Forum Halo Awards for Best Video and Print CampaignHalo Awards logo
Recipient: We Can Be Heroes
Criteria: Campaigns qualify as cause marketing if they are designed to measurably advance the interests of both a business and a nonprofit partner or cause. There are four judging criteria: Conceptual Strength, Execution, Business Results and Cause Results. Top 50 Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities (#11)
Recipient: Time Warner
Criteria: Over 1,300,000 diversity business owners participated in the online election to determine the top fifty organizations.

Ethisphere Institute World’s Most Ethical Companies
Recipient: Time Warner
Companies awarded based on reviews of:ethisphere

• Ethics and Compliance Program
• Reputation, Leadership and Innovation
• Governance
• Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility
• Culture of Ethics


City of Los Angeles “Made in Hollywood” Award
Recipient: “Argo”
Criteria: Oscar-winning Best Picture production shot mainly in Los Angeles

NAACP Image Award
Recipient: “Southland”, Outstanding Writing in a Dramatic Series “God’s Work”
Criteria: Awarded for outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts, as well as those individuals or groups who promote social justice through their creative endeavors.


Dividend Channel Top 25 Socially Responsible Dividend Stock
Recipient: Time Warner
Criteria: Awarded to companies with above-average “DividendRank” statistics, including a strong 2.1% yield, as well as being recognized by prominent asset managers as being a socially responsible investment, through analysis of social and environmental criteria