Local Content

GlobeWarner Bros. seeks to be inclusive of all voices and respectful of local cultures.

Since launching our local-language film production initiative in 1999, the studio has released more than 400 such films produced primarily in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and Brazil, with limited activity in the UK and India. While many of our local-language films may never be seen beyond their national borders, we believe they represent not only important opportunities for our business but also an important contribution to cultural diversity, local economies and entertainment in other countries. To see the local-language productions we have filmed around the world, click here.

In 2009, Warner Bros. International Television Distribution formed its own international production unit, Warner Bros. International Television Production. Its goal is to establish operating production companies in major territories around the world, with the mandate to create locally produced versions of programs owned by the Studio and to develop original local programming on a market-by-market basis.