Public-Private Partnerships

Community-PartnershipsRecognizing that we are able to contribute unique skills and resources to address social issues, Warner Bros. has formed public-private partnerships to help tackle challenges being addressed by governments around the world.

Warner Bros. Entertainment maintains an executive council membership seat on the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership (ICWBL), created by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to serve the United States Government in a solely advisory capacity concerning major issues and problems in international business and economic policy.

These challenges include the effective integration of business interests and women’s economic empowerment into overall foreign policy, the role and limits of international economic institutions from a gender-specific perspective, and the Department of State’s role in advancing and promoting the role of women in a competitive global economy.

Council membership consists of representatives who are leaders of American and foreign public and private sector organizations and institutions having an interest in the role of women in international business, economic policy development and global economic growth. Chartered in 2011, the Council’s objective is to bring to the United States government a source of expertise, knowledge and insight not available within the Department or elsewhere in the government on these issues.

Warner Bros. was a key partner in the HIV-Free Generation initiative, a public-private partnership launched in 2008. The HIV-Free Generation initiative combined the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief’s (PEPFAR’s) expertise with that of the private sector.

As part this partnership, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment produced an action–based video game pilot, “Pamoja Mtaani” (Swahili for “Together in the Hood”), for implementation in three youth centers in Nairobi, Kenya. The game uses a contemporary East African context and interactive play to personalize HIV-prevention messages for youth.

In addition to the video game, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group launched several major media initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the program, including a PEPFAR documentary film trailer and marketing materials, along with a website about the initiative at In 2009, Warner Bros. was awarded the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GBC) Award for Business Excellence for its work on the project.