Tobacco in Film


We are sensitive to the impact that the filmed entertainment we produce has on our audiences. While we support artistic freedom, Warner Bros. actively works to decrease instances of tobacco imagery in its films.

Warner Bros. was one of the first major studios to adopt a policy regarding the depiction of smoking in films when we adopted our Tobacco Depiction Policy in 2005. From the adoption of the policy in 2005 through 2016, we have reached a 94% reduction in depictions of smoking, which Warner Bros. tracks and verifies against the database. In addition, since 2008, Warner Bros. has included anti-smoking PSAs on all DVDs of films containing tobacco imagery. In 2015, in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Ghetto Film School and YouTube influencer, Anna Akana, we produced four new PSAs, created by young filmmakers, to replace aging properties. All four PSAs can be seen at