Green Production


Warner Bros. has a deep commitment to green production and has been a leader in adopting sustainable production practices to lessen the ecological footprint of our feature film and television productions that shoot around the world.

Over the years, we have developed Green Production Guidelines with our productions so that we can pursue more sustainable practices in the production office, on stage and on location. Examples of green production practices include digital distribution of documents and dailies, biodiesel fuel, LED set lighting, compost collection, reuse and recycling and the donation of food and lightly used materials for reuse by schools and nonprofit organizations.

We will continue to collaborate with stakeholders throughout our production community and embrace innovative technologies that can help us to achieve our goals.

LED SET LIGHTINGGreen Production2

Warner Bros. invests in energy efficient lighting, including the latest LED technology.  In addition to office and warehouse installations, this technology is now being pioneered by our film and television productions for use on stages.

Pretty Little Liars and The Mentalist were the first WBTV productions to successfully incorporate large LED installations on their stages.  LED lighting is 85% more energy efficient than conventional lighting, creates less heat thus reducing AC needs and eliminates bulb replacements.

Warner Bros. partnered with a manufacturer in order to further develop LED technology for space lights – large units that fill a stage space with light.  A technical solution was developed to achieve the precise light color and quality required for filming.  These lights were first piloted on Stage 16 at an estimated energy savings of 6,700 kilowatt hours.  These innovative lights are now being used by numerous productions.