Green-TransportationWarner Bros. invests in fleet vehicles equipped with fuel-efficient hybrid technologies, the latest emission reducing technologies such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and NOx reducing exhaust systems and uses biodiesel as an alternative source of fuel.  Stake bed trucks are also equipped with recycled plastic lumber as an alternative to wood siding.

“Valentine’s Day” and “Horrible Bosses” were the first two feature films to use biodiesel (B20, a 20% biodiesel blend) for production at Warner Bros.  In 2009, two 1,000 gallon tanks were installed to accommodate these alternative fueling efforts, and this equipment was later upgraded to accommodate future needs.  Television shows on the lot began utilizing biodiesel in 2010 and have successfully used this alternative fuel source ever since.  For the 2012-13 television season, biodiesel represented 59% of all on-lot diesel fueling.

In 2007, Warner Bros. purchased 23 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles for its courier fleet.  These fuel efficient vehicles proved to be an economical and practical solution and they continue to operate today.

In 2013, the Studio installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in support of Studio employees and guests who drive electric vehicles.  Each of these five stations has two dedicated parking spots for a total of ten charging spots.  These charging stations can fully charge most vehicles in about four hours.

There are also numerous 110v outlets located throughout the lot to charge the Studio’s golf cart fleet.  All passenger and utility golf carts on the lot are electric – and several are even solar electric.

Clean Air Club logoEmployees are encouraged to rideshare (bus, carpool, train, vanpool) and commute “car-free” (bicycle or walk).  The Clean Air Club is open to all employees interested in ridesharing and other money-saving alternatives to driving alone.  Over 900 employees have signed up since the program was launched in 2009, and there are approximately 600 current members.  At the annual bike and walk to work day event in 2013, almost 100 employees participated. Member benefits include carpool matching and emergency ride home services, free shower access, special perks and monthly prizes.