Training & Development

In a highly competitive environment, it is increasingly important to have a workplace that not only attracts but also develops and retains talent. We strive to hire the most talented and diverse employees, provide ongoing opportunities for professional training, and create increasing opportunities for internal mobility.

Warner Bros. Learning Network (WBLN)

At Warner Bros. we are committed to growing the capabilities of our employees by providing them with a wealth of learning opportunities for personal and professional development.

The Warner Bros. Learning Network (WBLN) gives employees access to a variety of development opportunities ranging from innovative classroom training programs to e-Learning resources and practical on-the-job tools that position them for success at WB.  Most importantly, WBLN offers employees a chance to participate in enterprise collaboration.  It is a place where employees at all levels, from early career to seasoned executives, can share best practices and organizational knowledge.

Annual Performance Review

At the most basic level, employees benefit from a mechanism for receiving feedback about their performance so that, together with their managers, they can create pathways for career development.  At Warner Bros., we have processes in place to foster performance discussions between managers and employees.