Diversity and Inclusion

Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce is vital to our success.

Warner Bros. is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all applicants for employment and our employees. We hire, train, promote and compensate employees based on their ability to do the job without regard to factors such as race, national or ethnic origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other grounds prohibited by applicable human rights legislation.

We take an active approach to equal opportunity. Warner Bros. trains newly hired employees and on-lot productions on workplace fairness issues, including the avoidance of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. These principles are reinforced in the Standards of Business Conduct and employee handbooks available to all eligible employees.


Warner Bros. provides financial support to employee-based business resource groups (BRGs) – professional development networks for diverse populations. Senior executives act as sponsors, providing guidance and mentorship.

BRGs play an integral role in creating a work culture at Warner Bros. that promotes an environment of understanding, acceptance and inclusion among all employees. These groups are made up of employees who share a common interest; membership in each group is open to any interested employee. The groups exist to foster professional growth and upward mobility and provide opportunities for employees to strengthen their networks. Involvement in such groups is a valuable opportunity to develop relationships and expand employees’ knowledge base across the organization.

BRGs sponsor speaker series, career development seminars, book signings, panel discussions and social networking events to which all employees are invited. All events hosted by BRGs help support the company’s business goals, philanthropic efforts and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Additionally, each BRG makes a comprehensive outreach commitment as an integral part of its charter.

WB-logos-04Black Employees @ Warner Bros. Studios(BE@WBS) is committed to enhancing the company’s commitment to diversity and promoting an environment of understanding, acceptance and inclusion.

EP (Emerging Professionals) at Warner Bros. is dedicated to providing early- to mid-level career employees with opportunities for cross-divisional networking, professional development and mentoring, continuing education and community involvement.

NAPA (Network for Asian Pacific Americans)is comprised of Warner Bros. employees committed to increasing awareness about and to Asian Pacific Americans through initiatives that offer networking opportunities, career advancement, mentorship, and cultural awareness.

OUT@WB is a group of employees – regardless of orientation or gender – committed to raising awareness of lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) issues, professional development, networking, philanthropy & community outreach, all while supporting the inclusive culture and mission of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., its affiliated companies, and the wider entertainment community.

TECH@WB is dedicated to inspiring and educating colleagues who are seeking to learn more about emerging technologies.

UNIDOS@WB is open to all Warner Bros. employees who share an affinity for personal and professional development and networking, making a difference for others, fostering an environment for growth, leadership, support, generosity, and an interest in the Latino culture.

WOW (Women of Warner) is dedicated to fostering professional development of women at Warner Bros. with a focus on developing current and future business leaders. WOW facilitates relationships between women and men throughout the organization, advancing business and personal/professional interests by broadening our network of colleagues.